Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I get to know this patisserie (bakery shop) from various blogger in the net. Surprisingly, Catherine been to this shop before and we decided to have our brunch there. Its absolutely a perfect place for a weekend tea time with varieties of loaf, toast, banquette, croissant, pastry, cookies, sandwiches and super rich coffee blend!

This is my first encounter to a bungalow converted bakery shop. The cozy and warm lighting definitely a place for you to chit chat while indulge in smooth and rich coffee selection available.


Since the specialty were on stone baked breads and pastry, I don’t even bother to look at the main course (they serve few main course like pasta). It really triggered my brain to really decide which one to choose. I walk for few rounds before deciding and I even took a Blueberry Danish, RM 5.90  but I put it back as Catherine picked it too. The Bartlett Strawberry Tart, RM 4.90 replaced the danish!


Finally, we settled with the following yummy looking breads and pastry and a glass of Latte!




The big and round blueberries just taste so good. The sourish flesh accompanied by the sweetened jelly exterior over the buttery crunchy yet subtle danish was impressive.


Bright red color strawberries always added color and feeling to me! Its juicy with slightly sour over crunchy exterior that wraps coconut flakes beneath it. Coconut flakes it rather out of the ingredients group, it’s just felt so rare!


Here come my favorites Turkey Ham & Eggs, RM 3.00. I have always a big fan of eggs no matter how it is being cooked either by fried or boiled.


On top of this bread, the egg was first smashed and then scooped on top of the bread and covered with egg yolk paste over it! The turkey ham with mayonnaise sandwiched between the egg ball and the soft bread was good. The saltiness of the turkey ham just right and it is chewy!


I did not try on the refreshing Turkey ham & Cheese Ficelle Sandwich, RM 7.90, but according to Catherine, it taste very healthy!


Coffee play the main role here, without a good cup of coffee it will not be complete. We ordered Cafe Latte, RM 7.50, it blends really well between the dark roasted espresso and the pure white milk. Looking back when I travelled to Italy, it’s been sometime I get to taste such rich and smooth latte (defeated those retails coffee shops). The milk texture is what contribute to the smoothness of this latte (Latte consist 2/3 of milk). The only pull back was the glass they used to serve the Latte. It’s too classy and formal & I lost the feelings of the laid back weekends.


**Do bring your books along if you come alone as they do not provide any magazines or books.

I really love the spacious construction with high rise ceiling. It will be better if they tint the see through glass so the sunlight won’t pass through and I get to dive into the luxurious moment of enjoying a cup of latte.

If you come during the peak hour in the noon, the parking is darn full, so play safe by car pooling!

Food: 8/10

Price: 8/10 (More economical towards 10)

Cleanliness: 9/10

Ambient Environment: 9/10 (cozy and warm lighting)

Service: 7/10 ( Friendly staff)

Overall: 7/10


Jalan Delima,

56100 KL.

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