Your are about to discover the irresistible food in Tanjung Langsat, Johor, Malaysia

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I travelled to Johor (to be specific Tanjung Langsat) every week at least once a week. In the beginning, i really felt there’s nothing to much to do there. After all my main purpose is to do complete my work there (inspection, testing, monitoring the project and etc).

Later on, i start to become close with colleague in the factory and we enjoy searching some nice food in Tanjung Langsat. I discover this noodle so called “mee bandung udang” . This stall was located inside the Kampung Tanjung Langsat (really hidden inside the villages). I guess outsider will never knew the existence of this stall if there were no one introducing it.

This noodles is almost same like our Chinese “har mee” but the soup is not clear type, its feel with fresh prawn paste (pasty feeling). Actually what makes the noodle so tasty is the fresh big prawn and the pasty soup base. You can really taste the prawn sip into the soup base. This delicious noodle is priced at RM 6 per bowl.


Besides we also ordered black pepper crab. The taste is just normal nothing so special…Frankly speaking I'd prefer the ordinary Chinese style black pepper crab than this dish…


Extra reminder: Do not go there with empty stomach. You must wonder why I’d say so…Haha its because they cook every dishes separately even is the same type. Let’s say you ordered 6 bowl of mee udang bandung, they will cook one by one and not cook all at once…My top record of waiting is 1 hour even the place has no other people only us…Thus, i always book in advance to avoid wasting time to wait for the food.

Rating: 8/10

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