Day 1: Belgium + Brussel

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Belgium offers a number of interesting places to visit for it history, terrific food and good quality museums. Did we mention chocolate? See my chocolate fountain picture below! The biggest chocolate fountain i saw in my life! While Belgium's tourist destinations are not the "best of the best", they are satisfying and worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Some of the places i went when I'm in Belgium was
Catheral of Saints Mitchel & Gudule (3pic on top). This magnificent cathedral, tactfully dedicated to the male and female patron saints of Brussels, is located near Central Station. Besides also went to the Royal Palace, the official home of the Belgian king. You will always know if he is in the country when you see the Belgian flag flying on top of the building. Also visited the Atomium, Grand Palace, The Town Hall and .

I still remember my first day of Europe trip start at this spot...

Can see how tired my face look in this picture because i have sit the coach for 4hours + on the ferry for 1hour++(1st picture from left taken in the ferry), then another 1hour++ to reach this destination.....The minute we reach, the tour guide (Mary) tell us "you have 15 minutes to look around & snap pictures then return
to the coach on time"we were like wtf 15 minutes???? It wasn't;t good for being so rush in a trip...But we jus follow & take as many shots as possible..

The funny thing is on our first day we rarely know other people on the same trip so its hard to get sm1 to snap our picture!!So we saw one people from China, so decided to ask her to help us take some pictures but the picture shot only can see half of the body only...that is why i only show the picture of the molecular structure without me inside...hahaha

Frankly speaking this place do not has anything special...maybe few good spot for photo snapping?
but Atomium is one of the must-sees in Brussels. This project was made for the the international exposition in 1958, Expo 58. The Atomium is open daily from 10 AM until 6 PM, the entrance fee is 9 euros for an adult

The next day we went to the Grand Place. It’s a big square with beautiful old buildings on each side. One of them is Town Hall, which was built in Gothic style. At this square everybody meets, it’s like a city center. Here is where there is a big Christmas market, fireworks at New year’s Eve... Many different kind of thing sell in this area..

Then we walk down to the market (Bruges) where the Belgian chocolates is everywhere...and of course other stuff (food mostly) desserts like waffle, candies, bread n etc! There the choc fountain, too bad I but din get to try it cause its only for display...

Next we went to another highlight in Brussels which is Manneken Pis, their most famous little statue. It’s a little boy peeing in a fountain, located on the corner of Rue de L’Etuve & Stroofstraat since 1619. I tell you, you really need to squeeze in to get a spot to snap picture wit this statue...

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