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Friday, April 18, 2014

Beauty Review: Cellnique O2 Derma Treatment

Hello girls, I am so excited to share with you this Cellnique O2 derma treatment few days ago. I never expect the facial can be so good…. I literally can’t wait to share with you my entire experience! If you realize, my acne decided to pop out these few week and I am getting worried that it will continue to pop nonstop! It’s been years since I last has acne popping out on my face… The work stress and late night sleep is really getting to me…

Initially I book crystalline facial treatment which is more nourishing but because I have quite number of acne *cryss* they suggest me to go for a deep cleansing treatment which is this Cellnique O2 Derma Treatment.

Cress Wellness Body & Spa Centre

This place is a heaven to me… Trust me it will be the same for you! The front lobby is so spacious and so grand. Your mood will transform to a very relaxing mode, your heart beat will slow down and your brain will stop thinking about work. All you do is enjoy the fresh air and cosy ambient. Pick your desire treatment and get ready to be pampered. They have a wide range of treatment available ranging from body, spa and facial featuring their house brand Cellnique. For list of treatment checkout

imageThe main hall..

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fashion: Floral Vibes

Halloo ladiesss… Spring is here and that’s the season where everything suddenly turn so colourful and sweet…. Don’t you just love spring? There’s one thing I love to do is to really experience spring season!!! On the other part of the world to be specific those country with four season the spring is really beautiful with flowers blooming along road side and the temperature is not too cold but cold enough to wear thick coat and over the knee boots!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Singapore 3D2N Trip Part 3: An Artsy Night

Still remember on my last amazing Singapore trip?? I am back with another post on the amazing Artsy night we had at Rendezvous hotel during my stay in Rendezvous Hotel.

So the theme for the night is artsy and everyone has to dress as creative as possible. Honestly I am not really an art person so the only dress I could think of is this side hem dress with different pattern on it. When we arrived there is a few prop where we can take for photo snapping and we are allowed to bring it home as well!!So cool is it?? So this is my OOTD for the night together with the prop, a sunglasses with blinking stars!
Artsy look

Everything inside the party are all art inspired including food, performance and decoration!! I wish I could take video to show you what’s inside but it’s too dark! So here are bits and pieces of the party!
I first saw this lady inside this photo frame, if she doesn’t move I really thought she is part of the painting!!! She is a real person okay!!

Singapore Trip142

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