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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Nünature Anti Ageing Hair Care

Do you know our hair aged as we grow older? Not only our skin ages, our hair age as well and often become worst if we exposed to sun light all the time. Sadly, grey hair, dullness, thinning and frizz are part of hair’s aging process. Now how can you prevent all this happening to your crowning glory? Let me introduce to you this new Anti Ageing Hair Care from Nünature. They are all organic and made from 98% natural ingredient that contains almost-zero preservative substances. Nünature Hair Care will help restore youth to your crowning glory, so you can get back that shiny, bouncy, healthy head of hair.

Nu nature Anti ageing3A

I really love how Nünature’s staff arrange these beautiful bottle of hair product in a huge basket with some beautiful flowers on the side. Look at below picture, how beautiful?

Nu nature Anti ageing4

Nünature Complete Anti-Ageing Solution contained excellent properties of anti-oxidation and moisturizing, effectively retaining hair’s moisture while preventing ageing process. It delays the aging of scalp and thus slows down related hair loss. It also has anti-free-radical activity which helps reduce free radical production to avoid damage of cell structure and metabolism. All Nünature products do NOT contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) or Paraben, so no worry on harming your beautiful hair. There are quite a number of range that provide anti ageing solution to suit all your hair needs.

Nu nature Anti ageing1 which one do you need?
If you answer all, there is no surprise at all. Our hair may need various nutrient as our hair is damaged from constant chemical treatment, stress and unhealthy eating habits. You can opt to rotate different shampoo function. Example, I will use Hydrating Shampoo for five days and in between them I used Anti Dandruff shampoo.

Nu nature Anti ageing5

Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner: Suitable for dry, damaged or frizzy hair

This hydrating range are for those who constantly goes for chemical hair treatment just like me. It will help to inject a does of moisture and nourishment to keep your hair strong, soft and manageable. I have try this for a week now. I really love the creamy formula but my hair is falling badly… I am not sure if it cause by this shampoo or because of the terrible hairdo during prewedding photoshoot. I will try to change to their anti hair fall range to see if there is any improvement.

To used together with the shampoo, the hydrating conditioner helps effectively repair, regenerate and protect hair from further damage leaving your hair smooth and healthy.

Nu nature Anti ageing6 
Daily Shine Shampoo & Conditioner : Suitable for all hair types, including children

This is universal shampoo that can be used everyday and suitable for  everyone in the family, including children. This shampoo gently cleanses and provides hair with its daily dose of proteins, leaving it healthy and easily manageable.

Daily shine conditioner gives hair a healthy shine and has a light texture that is great for everyday use to achieve healthy looking hair.

Nu nature Anti ageing7

Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo: Suitable for all hair types, especially those with hair fall problems 

If you have problem with hair fall especially after hair wash this is the right choice for you. It helps to prevent hair loss and boasts a proprietary blend of natural botanical extracts to boost hair and scalp health by activating the stem cells located within the hair follicles. The active ingredients promote cell regeneration and stimulate regrowth, delivering nourishment to the roots while strengthening weakened hair. It also nourishes the hair and improves its texture to reduce hair fall due to breakage.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Suitable for dandruff concerns 

I hate dandruff…. It’s the ugliest moments when dandruff fall on my shoulder and the scalp feel itchy all the time. This lightweight shampoo balances sebum production while improving hair and scalp health by activating the stem cells in the follicles. You no longer need to worry about itching, flaking or breakage with this shampoo leaving your scalp clean and nourished.

2 In 1 Shampoo: Suitable for all hair types 

Perfect for the busy woman like me, this 2-in-1 formula cleanses and conditions in one step, how amazing. I shall bring this for my next trip abroad. This shampoo leave your hair silky smooth and shiny while providing it with its daily dose of proteins. Rinse away the day’s dirt and grime to reveal soft and lustrous hair that shines with health.

Volumizing Shampoo: Suitable for fine, limp hair with oily roots 

This will save those oily scalps and hair. This shampoo adds body, volume and bounce. It controls excess oil production, and also promotes hair growth. Get your healthy bouncy hair back with this shampoo.
Nu nature Anti ageing8

So far I have only try the hydrating range. I really love the sweet scent and even though it is free from SLS, it’s not too hard to latter… Pretty easy to work the bubbles I’d say. I love that it makes my hair feel so hydrating and soft. Sadly they have not produce hair mask yet. Looking forward to try actually. One thing like i mentioned earlier, my hair fall pretty badly these few days using it…Not too sure if it’s too hydrating…. I shall try other range and will update this post after.

Nünature Hair Care is available at all leading pharmacy Central Region: Alpro Pharmacies, AA Pharmacies, Lesley Pharmacy, Village Grocer, Big Pharmacies (coming soon), Multicare Pharmacies (coming soon) and etc.

Price Range
Nünature Shampoo/ Conditioner 250ml – RM23.90
Nünature Shampoo/ Conditioner 450ml – RM35.90
here you go these anti-ageing hair care definitely something new to try. I see improvement on my hair in terms of more hydrating and shiny. So try it out and let me know. Till then bye bye. XOXO.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Red Killer Heel

Tell me what do you do when you are bored?? I will go browse all the online store to feed my eyes and most of the time my hand will be itchy enough to click buy! So yesterday I was really bored at work and couldn’t resist to take a peek at to look for a Red Killer Heel. I have many heels but those strappy one are all spoiled and I have not have a Red Heel before and been dying to look for one red strappy heel….

I saw this super edgy gladiator sandal heel!! Love it sooo much!! Sadly don’t have my size! It’s only selling at RM 40 !!WHAT?? So cheap but don’t have size why????


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wedding Photo Album Print with Foto-Zzoom

 “Two Souls, but a single thought
Two Hearts, that beats as one”

Wedding is special and significant moment in life that one would preserve those amazing memories of the special day where you are truly one with the person you love and a beautiful wedding photo book to commemorate the special occasion. Hence we’re back with another series of DIY pre wedding photo album. During in between takes of our DIY series (you can read our pass DIY prewedding project here), there are many raw emotion captured through the shoot and in turn etched into the album.

holy matrimony

Monday, March 2, 2015

Valentine Day

Sorry I know it’s already 2weeks since Valentines Day, but I just wanna share how I celebrate my Valentine day! I brought him some chocolate from Betjeman & Barton which is packed nicely in a box, so wrapping is not required.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nasse Memory Foam Bra first in Malaysia

I was introduce to Nasse Bra from a friend of mine. At first I didn’t find anything fancy about it. Just another online bra shop I guess… Then I drop by the physical store to take a look at their famous memory foam bra since their shop is located at Cheras Sentral which is very near to my house and I am impressed! I have never seen a memory bra nor trying one before… I shall tell you more about this memory bra later on.

nasse bra review13
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