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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Grand Hyatt Thrity8 Review & The BIG YES!

Alright this won’t be a full food review but rather a recap of my most memorable moments in our life…. The first little step to another chapter of my life.. Alright I’m sorry if you found this post too cheesy because i need this story to be on my blog so I can reflect them few years later…..

Now let's begin this cheesy post....HAHAHA... He booked me for a dinner  a month ahead… well I can guess what he wants to do… So I actually tease him that I know he will be doing something….. He told me nah it’s just a normal dinner and there’s promotion using his credit card for 50%, I trust him and guess he won't be doing it since I already know… We don’t usually splurge on meal as we are saving for our USA trip so if there is no promotion I will not agree to spend money on such expensive food…

So as usual he drive me there and when reaching Grand Hyatt Hotel, I asked “ Why do you turned in here”. He trying to lie that he is making u-turn… By then, I know he is bringing me there for dinner… I am so so so happy, i wanted to dine at Thrity8 for a long time..... So I really thought it’s just a Christmas Dinner to celebrate Christmas since he got a little token from his boss… All this while, I thought he will bring me to a normal restaurant, I did not bring camera so all picture here were quite blur and dark due to the dim lighting, please forgive me for that. The picture doesn't do justice to the food there.

Arriving at the 38th floor we took a picture with the beautiful KLCC view….  If I know I am going Grand Hyatt I would dress up more glam….


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Where 2 Cooking Workshop 3.0 at Lone Pine Hotel Penang

Ever wanted to learn how to cook? Then you better watch out for Cooking Workshop 4.0 next year. I do not have the exact date yet but once I have it I will share with you guys. Few weeks back I was at Penang learning how to cook various local cuisines like Samosa, Braised Chicken & Potatoes with Lamb Curry. The workshop starts early in the morning and I am surprised to see so many participants!!

Where 2 cooking workshop1

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fitness First Take it Up to a Whole New Level with Freestyle Group Training

I used to be a member of Fitness First until my work become so busy and there’s so many event in between! I always say nahh I won’t purposely workout or diet just for wedding until last few week I went and tryout the wedding gown, there’s a thought running through my mind that I will look better if I slim down a little! I wanna keep back my words… I want to have a toned down body before I put on my wedding gown! I was thankful to find that Fitness First has revamped a few of their outlet and one of their premium outlet is at Midvalley which is very convenient for me! Their all new ambiance and new workout program like the Freestyle Group Training as well as the Aerial Yoga definitely gives me more motivation to sign myself out to Fitness First!!

image Fitness First at Empire Damansara

Monday, December 15, 2014

Kerastase Discipline Hair Treatment for Fizz Free Hair @ Miko Galere Pavilion

Good days to you girls!!! Remember my last Hair Scalp Detox Treatment at Miko Galere last month?? Now that my scalp is clear and clean, my hair is ready to absorb more nutrition. So this time I go for Kerastase Discipline Hair Treatment to tame my unruly tresses! After so much colouring and bleaching it’s a pain to comb my hair even with wide-tooth comb most of the time. Not to mention those baby hair,  hair that break and newly grown hair is short and standing 90deg up which is annoying!

kerastase discipline10

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Sephora & innisfree Haul

I was really happy for yesterday public holiday because I never expect it’s holiday until Tuesday night!! Sorry for those outside of Selangor you gotta work!!! BLUEKKK!! So I actually went to Sunway pyramid to meet up with Siew Ping my bff… So happy to get to see her…it’s been a long time since we last meet! We then have dinner at Sushi Zanmai and shop around….

My post for yesterday is personal shopper!! Helping my friend to get stuff from Sephora & Innisfree!!! So below is what I got yesterday. They naked 1, chocolate bar and pin up blusher are not mine… I don’t have money to buy already!! I am happy to receive all the gift after collecting all the stamps!!

!sephora haul1


The melted mini is finally here for RM 95 only… Woohooo…..and I also saw the new Too Faced holiday collection shadow.. FTW they are so pretty but but I'm broke….


Do you know sephora has promotion with every with every RM150 spent (RM120 for Sephora Members) spent you get one stamp on a single receipt. For 2 stamp you get lucky draw and for 4 stamp you get a pouch and for 5 stamps you get a sephora totes!!! The pouch and totes is so so pretty!


and remember my previous post on innisfree Volcanic Clay Mask and the hand cream? I have to get more of it before the promo pack is gone!!If you want to know the price of of all the product checkout this innisfree shop tour post. With every RM 120 purchase and above you get the deluxe set for free..weehoo….

 sephora haul2


and this min bag is a bday gift from my bff… Love it so much.. I wanted a speedy bag for so long!! Thanks dear!! oh I also got a cardigan from MNG as they have sale..Their cardigan material are amazingly soft!!!

sephora haul3

I also enter Sunway Pyramid A Hoopful Christmas lucky draw. Please give me some blessing so I win a grandprize which is a brand new Mazda!! Finger crossed hard!

Alrighty so there you go my haul of the week.. Really vy broke trying to resist the sales!! ARgghhhh gtg now tata!!

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