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Friday, January 30, 2015

An Evening of Dining, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness

Month ago I was invited to attend an evening of dining to find out some new fashion brand as well as beauty product.

M2 World of Brands

I was introduced to this new shop call M2 World of Brands at Tropicana City Mall. They sell variety of bags, clothing and jeans from many well known brand. The owner said these product are taken straight from factory and some are pass season item.. I suppose they are like factory outlet. I went and have a look at their bag, I am not sure if it’s really original because I don’t own much original bag so I can’t tell. All I can say was quality was quite good comparing to the normal brand I can get at shopping malls.

M2 shop (2)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Empty Jar or Trash: Jan 2015

Halooooorrrr I am back again.. I specifically like this post where I share items that I have used up or item that I decided to give up and throw it away. Today I am happy that all the item that I will be sharing are all being used up!

Boots Keep it Sweet Passion Fruit Cheesecake Bath & Shower Gel, 500ml

First is this super sweet passion fruit cheesecake… I love this shower gel because of the scent….. It’s sweet but not overly sweet, loving the scent that linger after I shower… I got this from Boots Thailand during promotion which is less RM 15 if not mistaken. Sadly this is not available in Malaysia. It’s not super moisturising but well nothing much to expect for such price. Well but I do feel very refreshing and I hope the scent can last longer…


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CandyDoll Face Powder Review

Hello lovelies… Today will be sharing this lovely face powder from CandyDoll. When I first got it I already fell in love with the girly packaging!! It’s too sweet and lovely. I got two shade which is marshmallow and crystal, both look lovely.


This is almost similar to loose powder but it’s not transparent in colour. These powders contains mineral pearl powder that are safe and gentle to the skin. It is said to have a soft and fine particles leaving skin looking flawless and last throughout the day.

Candydoll face powder review3

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Choosing the Wedding Gown for Actual Day

I am slowly planning all the little things for my wedding… I start early to avoid last minute rush which will end up everything goes wrong and I totally don’t want to see that happen. 2015 is a very challenging year for me… I go through a very tough time at work… I am struggling at work and I hate myself for failing to achieve certain target… Well I am trying my best to achieve the target I set for myself and last week I failed… I was so disappointed at myself, I hate myself and feel so angry at myself… I breakdown and began to lay on my bed crying as I was too stress over many unexpected things that come in my way and mess up all my plan… Now all my trip date is not confirm and that make it hard for me to do planning… This is one of the reason why I am so stress… So many thing to squeeze in but I only have 24 hours,two hands and one brain! Sorry I have to let out my stresss...Let's get back on the topic...

Last week I finally manage to finalised my dream wedding gown design and I am so happy that my dream design gown is possible!! I order my custom made wedding gown at Simply Gorgeous Bridal near The Strand Kota Damansara there. I love their concept and the owner is so friendly and helpful… I am also renting some of her other wedding gown for photoshoot…. I have been looking for a few months, visiting close to 15 bridal shop I think… Googling few nights and I decided to stop looking around as it will make choosing harder…So, yeah I finalized the design I want and no more regret….. So below are some of wedding gown design inspiration behind my dream gown…. Sorry I can’t show you the final design yet as I do not have it yet… I shall show it once I have the design…. I love everything with lace and I made it super vintage feel..... I have dream to wear gown like those princess when I was small and dance with prince charming.... Do you dream of that too?At first I wanted princess gown but since this design can easily available on any bridal shop so I make other design that is hard to get especially for my size.

p/s: All pictures are taken from Google Image.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Kerastase Discipline Hair Product Review

Good morning Chickas!! It seem the pass week I haven’t got much time to post a proper review, so I thought I begin the post with a new way to greet you all with some happy tones (in word form I mean) duhhhh if you get what I mean! Alright, I have been wanting to share with you how much I love this entire Kerastase Discipline range of Hair Product….. I have transform to a blonde last month and you will never know the troubles I face styling my hair…. They definitely need special care compare to a more common brown or dark tone hair colour. I am glad I have Kerastase Discipline Hair Mask with me which really helps to tame my fizzy hair and most of the day I go out without blow drying… Well off course my hair does look better if I were to blow dry it!

Kerastase Discipline4

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