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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette Review

Good morning girls!! How you been doing? Time flies when we are so busy at work or having too much fun after working hours hanging out with friends and always sleeping time feels like an hour even thought I slept for eight hours and my dark eye circles constantly visible which I hated it much!! Dark circle look adorable on panda but NOT on me!!! To hide the dark circle you need a good concealer or to be specific colour correcting cream/ concealer. I have made quite a number of research before making concealer purchase but finally I decided to purchase this Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette instead on just skin tone concealer. Reason being is that I can do much more thing with these palette since it also have skin tone cream concealer on it!

Make Up For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette (7)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Coffee or Tea?

Good Morning, are you having your cup of coffee now? Do you have them every morning before you kick start your work? or you prefer a cup of aromatic English tea? For me I do need a cup of coffee to kick start my morning but since my office doesn’t have any coffee machine anymore I do not drink coffee in the morning now..The 3in1 coffee generally sucks!! I got so used to the coffee extracted fresh from the bean with added frothy milk!! Are you a coffee person like me too?? As far as I love coffee I share the same love for tea too…

COFFEE OR TEA source: Left | Right

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ginvera Marvel White Review + Wedding Ceremony

Good day girlsss… Yes you read right, Wedding Ceremony!! Not mine though!!

Wedding Ceremony of Mr Shiso & Miss Green Tea

I went to wedding ceremony of Mr Shiso & Ms Green Tea last week…. You wonder who are they? Shiso & Green Tea is the main Ingredient for fair and flawless skin in the latest Ginvera Marvel White Skincare range. The The wedding party is carried out at Garden Cafe which was beautifully decorated.

Ginvera Marvel White Review23

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bangkok 6D5N, Day 2 : Chok Chai Farm

Hey there.. Are you excited for my day 2 post after you read Day 1 post? Continuing from my scrumptious breakfast at Grand Mercure Hotel, we head on over to Chok Chai Farm which takes about 3 hour 30minutes heading to northern Thailand. Should I recap what happen next?? I had dozed off to recharge my energy so I can whip a cow like a Cowgirl!!!
Chok Chai Farm

This is my first time here and gosh, I never knew there’s a farm in Bangkok outskirt. Oh I just discover from our tour guide Peter that there’s many attraction away from Bangkok city that many tourist had not explore!! While I am typing this post, I have visited a few and it is fascinating to visit those places… So stay tune to all my Bangkok travelogue ya!! I am really excited to explore around the farm as most of the time, I visit zoo but never a farm!!

Chok Chai Farm comprised of 8000 acres in land, housing various animal species like cow, sheep, deer, rabbit, ostrich and many more. It is situated in Pak Chong District which is about 2hours away from Bangkok without traffic jam. Chok Chai Farm is the first daily farm in Southeast Asia that exports cattle to many countries and they also have receive 3 Gold award from Thailand Tourism Award. At Chok Chai Farm, you get to experience feeding animals, watch how the staff train the animal, take care of the animal, watch animal performance and yes, you can learn to milk fresh milk from moo moo cow too!! In addition, learn how to be a Cowboy or Cowgirl twist that gun and release a few shot (on the wooden board not human ya) and ride a horse too! Yee Haa!!


Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to Store Your Makeup Brushes

Hello again girls!! How’s you week so far??? Few days ago I share how to clean your precious makeup brushes so today we shall continue with brushes topic. Today I would like to share a few ways I use to store my makeup brushes and shall reveal the most convenient way of storing them!!

1. Brush Bag / Cosmetic Bag

So first up is the easiest way which is to store them in a brush bag or cosmetic bag. You can store the brushes in the bag that came along if you purchase any brush set. I think this is the most common ways people use to store the brushes. I find it troublesome to pick my brushes especially when I am in a hurry as to placed them back on the tiny slot take up lots of time. It became worst when my brush handle is the broad or big type, it take forever to tuck them back into the slot.

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