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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tangle Teezer Review

Good morning from Bangkok!!!! It's so so hot here!!!!!! Urgggghh Let's continue with my summer theme!!! You know going to the beach will turns my hair from silky smooth to a lion’s mane! It drives me crazy, even when conditioning I have slowly untie the knot cause by those salt water…. I think Tangle Teezer is a must have item especially during summer season to tame those wild mane!

My hairstylist friend Shirley recommend I get this Tangle Teezer since my hair is super weak and always end up with knots ever since I bleach my hair and multiple chemical treatment…. My current hair is very dry and brittle especially the inner portion which was bleached and basically it’s a disaster… I heard it had taken the beauty sphere by storm and its used in many professional salon! So it was not a cheap product, I'd say it's pretty hefty for a hair brush and I know Luxola is selling it so I patiently waited for their sales and dream came through as the price for the Original Tangle Teezer drop from RM 72.00 to RM 50.50. Without any second thought I click purchase!! In few days time my Tangle Teezer arrived at my door step. Comes packed in a see through plastic box… I got a little trouble figuring how to open the box opening, it takes me a few minutes…

Tangle Teezer8

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub Review

Let’s continue our summer theme post with this Nature’s Lab Antioxidant Body Scrub review. Summer is the best time to show off your skin in bikini and of course go for a sunbathing to get those sexy tanned skin!! But you don’t want you dull, flaky and rough skin be seen in public don’t you? All you need is a good bottle of scrub that will leave your skin look polished and radiant in your bikini or summer outfit!!!

I found just the right body scrub for this summer!! It’s my holy grail scrub that I love it so much I reach to it twice a week… I usually a lazy bum when come to scrub probably once in few weeks but this scrub caught my heart that I use them so frequently!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Time : Wallet Friendly Sunblock for the Face

Good morning, it’s another bright day and yes a hot days too…. It’s summer now in most country in the world and for me it’s summer all year long only difference is now it’s way hotter than the other months. As you read this post, I am on my way to Bangkok!!! So do checkout my instagram for live updates from Bangkok... You can follow me at This whole week and probably next week too you will be expecting fun Summer related topic and today I’ll begin with Sunblock for the face since face is the most important part and need extra protection from the sun…

If you know me well I hate oily cream product on my face… It make my face feel heavy, sticky, greasy and messy like I just finish gym….. Urghhhh frustrating…. I had search all over to find a sunblock that I am comfortable with well at least less oily? Most sunblock will give a little oily feeling due to the SPF presence and some gave a terrifying white cast on my face which is not camera friendly at all…. I am not going to tell you why is sunblock required, I assume you have read or heard this topic already. I will not even talk about the SPF, UVB and UVA…. So what I am going to share with you today?? Some of the sunblock I have tried and whether it works for my skin and most importantly does not leave my skin feeling heavy and sticky…

Sunblock for Face1From left to right: Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Silky Smooth Mist, Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel, Hada Labo Aqua UV Day Emulsion,Biore  Bright Face Milk & Biore Aqua Rich Water Jelly.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cres Wellness 11th Anniversary Big Promo at 70% off on Facial Treatment

Hello girls, I wanted to share with you this upcoming promotion by CRES WELLNESS in conjunction with their 11th Anniversary! So read on to find out the promo that they are going to give okay?

Just a short intro on CRES WELLNESS for those who have never heard of it yet. CRES WELLNESS is the founder of Cellnique Paramedical, it is a beauty salon who provide every ladies needs. CRES stand for “confidence”, “relaxation”, “elegance”, “sophistication”, is every ladies “dreams land”. CRES provide skin care treatment, body spa and massage facilities,. CRES salon has more than 30 types of beauty treatments, using CELLNIQUE products and 11 years of extensive experience in beauty, CRES is definitely a trustworthy, it make ladies more elegant, charming and attractive. In case if you want to know more on CRES WELLNESS facial and Cellnique product, you can refer to my previous O2 Derma Facial Review as well as their best selling Sebum Gel review.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Pre Shopping Haul

Hahaha you must be wondered why the title ‘pre’ right??? As some of you might know I’m flying to Bangkok next Monday but today I already went shopping… I feels like I am warming up training my hunting skill so I can shop efficiently and grab great bargain stuff eh?? Hahaha do you believe all my crap?? I am just giving reason la….

The real scene is, me and JQ were looking for money exchanger and every else is so expensive ended up Pavilion has the best rate so I went to Pavilion. I thought that will be great since I wanted to buy a sneaker for my Bangkok trip, I don’t have much flats only my Havaianas FlipFlop which I wear almost everyday and other are the gorgeous heel displaying on the shoe rack which my dad called them as “High Rise Heels” instead of the common saying “High Rise Building” LOL. Usually when I go travel i summer country I wear flip-flop only and this time i need to go some zoo and stuff so sneaker will be good…No sport shoes for me because it’s heavy and too thick I will feel too hot wrapping my feet in the sport shoe…

So I went to cotton on and Forever2 1 is just beside…. Being a woman, of course I walk in to Forever 21 to take a look too… Flip flip…mmmph nothing really caught me…. Then this lilac dress which I’ve been seeing many times on sale but I didn’t want to get as I have dresses like this and don’t want to have similar with others cause always a dozen of them on sale… Honestly I quite like the lilac colour…Today again I see it but the price tag were strike and written RM 10!!! I was WHAT??? for real?? I bring to fitting room and ask the staff to confirm… She say yes it is RM 10!!!! What such pretty dress at RM 10?? with no defect at all…… Even at Times Square or market also cannot get this price… Bangkok also cannot get!!! There is one more piece left with size L no defect and if you are size UK 12/14 you should go grab it at Pavilion tomorrow!!! I also saw this high waist polka which is so so pretty at RM 30, well why not?? grabbed it and swipe my credit card happily…. LOL then went to cotton on to buy the sneaker and another flat….I just wanted sneakers but buying 2 is cheaper hence the flats…. Then on the way back to car saw Zara on sale… WOahhh my fav brand..walk in and found this scuba high neck top in floral…really beautiful only RM 39.90….ah went and swipe again…..


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